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Assisted Living Facilities

What Is Assisted Living Facilities?

In India, assisted living facilities—often referred to as “old age homes”—offer seniors housing and care who need assistance with daily tasks but do not yet require round-the-clock medical care. 


One of the integrated and cutting-edge components is assisted living homes with basic nursing care. A senior who requires a high level of nursing care may be able to transition to a lesser level of care. Following a sickness, injury, or surgery, many of our elderly residents have come straight from the hospital to complete their recovery.

Many people think that caring for our elderly is a moral obligation, and at Alpha, we concur. We think it is our responsibility to take good care of our elders, to treat them with respect, and to give them the best care we can. Seniors can live in luxury assisted living facilities provided by Alpha Elite Assisted Living Home. 


By selecting Alpha Elite Assisted Living facilities, you voluntarily decide to give your aging loved ones the highest quality care you can afford. Our team spends time getting to know you and your senior to fully understand your needs before recommending whether or not Alpha is the best option for them to come in with us. 


We offer care and assisted living services to seniors who wish to live independently but require some help with basic daily tasks like washing, dressing, getting around, and adhering to a prescription schedule.

Our well-trained staff of caregivers helps residents with everyday tasks like walking, grooming, bathing, using the restroom, assistance with meals, etc. Additionally, it offers supported fitness programs and catering in accordance with each resident’s individualized care plans.

The staff works in day and night shifts, and there is a resident facility manager in every Alpha Elite Assisted Home. This guarantees that caregivers are accessible 24/7 to supervise care and handle emergencies. In addition to handling hospital visits and appointments, laundry, housekeeping, transportation, and healthy, personalized meals according to health status. 24×7 care also involves control of nutrition and hydration.

Our facility nurses provide basic nursing care and for those who need any post surgery, specialized care, bed sore management, cannulization, intravenous medications, wound dressing, etc.

Our nurses and house manager are prepared to handle crises at the facility. On the recommendation of the treating doctors, the registered nurses at the facility administer the initial course of therapy (if necessary), and depending on the condition, transfer the patient to the closest hospital.

Our nurses will provide medication to clients in a timely manner as directed by their medical doctor and as per their prescription.

To guarantee that each resident is socially engaged through recreational activities tailored as per resident history, preferences, & needs, we offer in a supportive environment with frequent one-to-one attention, supported outings, and a calendar full of events. We also support our senior citizens in continuing their vibrant pastimes of involvement. As an essential tool for facilitating both social interaction and daily activities. Music is one of the example of this type of activity and positivity.

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