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Frequently Asked Questions

Assisted living (AL) facilities differ from nursing homes in that they often accept people who require nursing care, have special needs, have a chronic illness, or have dementia. Residents in AL homes require high levels of care and attention; they are a level below a nursing home.

We provide care using a person-centered, holistic approach. Accordingly, we have tailored care plans for each resident based on their diagnosis, health, and involvement requirements. Alpha is a firm believer in emphasizing the individual over the medical problem. Based on industry best practices & research, we employ evidence-based methods. All of this is carried out in a setting resembling a home.

There are no closed doors here. We welcome frequent visits from family members. The Alpha caregivers will be able to establish a rapport with the residents if family members may only watch rather than actively participate in normal activities. You are currently invited to visit your loved ones in the Alpha’s Residences. But appointments will be required to schedule the visits. The visiting family members must adhere to all required safety procedures at the main gate.

Each client has a shared bathroom and en-suite bedroom. A queen-size bed, side tables, an easy chair, and a stool are all included in the room decor. There is also a closet, air conditioning, and an LED TV with a private cable connection. The Alpha Elite Assisted Living Homes offer a drawing room, activities room, terraces, and garden space in addition to the amenities in the rooms, where all the inhabitants may connect, celebrate special occasions, etc. The Alpha residences have been thoroughly renovated with the help of a team of experts. For safety we have installed grab bars and handrails in all relevant locations and renovated the rooms, common areas, and restrooms while keeping in mind the needs and safety of the senior residents.

We do not allow any family member to stay overnight unless it is advised by a medical doctor or in emergency. As we have seen, it may be difficult for seniors, especially those with dementia at an early stage, to reintegrate after a family member spends the night.

It’s best to start with a physician’s assessment. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, or that of your loved one, you can match needs to the right level of assistance. Trained professionals provide support while helping you preserve your independence.

At Alpha Elite Assisted Living Home, we offer a full continuum of care. In addition to assisted living, we provide memory support, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. These levels of living provide around-the-clock care for residents recovering from illness or injury, or those needing more long-term care or support.

Similar to assisted living, memory care gives support for daily tasks but also has specialist personnel, memory-based programmes, and a safe atmosphere. Emergency situations, aggressive conduct, and social isolation among persons with aging-related dementia can frequently be decreased with memory care in a community context.

People who suffer from dementia due to old age frequently forget recent events, struggle with decision-making, become perplexed by sights and sounds, and may have problems falling asleep. As the illness worsens, individuals may lose the ability to recognise familiar faces and locations, wander, get easily agitated, or require assistance with basic daily tasks like eating, dressing, and washing. A doctor can perform tests to determine whether your loved one has dementia or another disorder with symptoms that are similar.

Occupational therapy aids patients in carrying out particular daily tasks that have grown challenging as a result of a condition or injury. For instance, occupational therapists assist patients in improving their motor skills so that tasks like eating and dressing are simpler. To help people make up for limitations and regain independence in daily tasks, they may also employ adaptive methods.

Our speech therapy programme aids with word articulation, memory enhancement, and the recovery of cognitive skills like problem-solving and time management. Additionally, proper feeding and swallowing procedures are taught in speech therapy.

There is no right time as in because the needs and wants of elders differ from one to another. Usually it is advisable for the elders who are living alone, elders who need day to day assistance and also seniors who would want to live a stress free independent life and spend their retired life gracefully can join an assisted living facility.

Our kitchen operates from 7am to 9 pm. However, in case of adhoc requirements, we can serve uncooked items on special request.

Yes, a room service facility is available, and should be used especially when you are not well or under the weather. However, we encourage you to eat in the Dining Room with other clients to build relationships.

At Alpha, residents can avail of six food services- 

  • Breakfast
  • Mid-Morning Beverage/Fruit/Juice
  • Lunch
  • Tea
  • Dinner
  • Late Night Beverage

The menu plan is curated one week in advance by our nutritionist and Chef and also seek’s client suggestions to ensure a delicious, well-balanced, and nutritious meal for better health. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served against a set vegetarian menu that changes daily and will pan Indian, Continental & Oriented Cuisine food during the week. During the day residents will have an option for Hot and Cold Beverages, snacks, or fruits. We also have a customized diet as per medical restriction of the resident.

White Eggs will be served, Alpha will not cook Non-Vegetarian food in house, nor will there be any non-vegetarian food on the set menu. 

However, Residents are free to order Non-Vegetarian food on their own from a restaurant of their choice. But, they must eat outside the dining area.

Our Hygiene and Housekeeping staff will clean your room, balcony, and bathroom as per housekeeping operating processes.

Alpha Elite Assisted Living Home team of Medical experts consisting of a Doctor, and a Nurse among others will be involved in an initial medical assessment. 

You will be required to share and disclose aspects of medical history, diagnoses, and reports. This will help us in better managing your health and well-being.

Yes, you will be able to follow.


Massage Customized Meals 

  • Yoga
  • Salon
  • Offsite activities
  • Gardening
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry service

Not Included: 

  • Bathing and toileting 
  • Blood work and other medical care 
  • Complete round-the-clock care management
  • Post surgery and any other rehab care 
  • Psychiatric care 
  • Skilled nursing 
  • Personal care assistant
  • Transportation

Your medical records will be kept safely with us with discretion of access. Only the medical team and house manager will have need-based access to such records.

Alpha believes in holistic care that surpasses fulfillment of basic physiological needs. We create an atmosphere of trust, compassion, and unconditional positivity for each member of our family.

Alpha’s care goes beyond everyday basic needs such as daily meals, laundry, and housekeeping. 

It includes medical care such as basic health checks, medication administration by nurses, and doctor visits. 

We go even beyond medical care to include holistic well-being by integrating activities and programs for varied needs. 

Specialized activities support, socialization, and engagement for elders’ mental well-being.

Each room at Alpha Elite Assisted Living Home has an emergency Call Button at your bedside and in the bathroom. There is a nursing station and we also have a medical Center nearby. 

This ensures that when an elder needs immediate medical attention, it is met in a timely and urgent manner.

Nursing homes are designed specifically to cater to seniors who require intensive 24 hours medical supervision due to their physical or mental condition. Assisted living is for seniors who are otherwise independent but may need minimal level of care and do not feel capable of living alone. 

At Alpha, we provide varied levels of care-independent living, assisted living, dementia care, post-operative care--depending on the needs of the elder.

Service free includes nursing services such as basic medical health checks, medication administration and supervision. The cost of medications outsources health checks and hospital, and other medical expenses are not included.

Yes. We do vital check-ups 3 times a day for the Residents. These vitals are collated and can be assessed by designated family persons on a regular basis. 

Apart from this we would also be checking periodically various parameters like sugar, Lipid profile etc. Special health checks are personalized on a case by case basis.

We have a Holistic Activity Calendar for residents encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual activities. 

These indoor & outdoor activities include popular ones like Movies, Tombola, Antakshari, Karaoke, Painting, Puzzles, Cards, Carom, Yoga, Bhajans -Kirtans-Havana, Kids Performances, Music performances etc. 

We also customize activities depending upon condition & requirement of special care residents.

Activities are planned three to four times a day except Sunday and residents are free to choose what they want to participate in.

We have a house manager for attending to resident’s ad hoc requirements from the local shopping areas including banking services, courier service or anything that needs to be done locally. There are no service charges for this service. 

Our Car and Driver services are available on a chargeable basis so that you do not miss your own conveyance. 

We also facilitate bookings of travel and stay in case travel is required.

Yes, we have our own car which residents can book and use at a charge.

We have a 24/7 Entrance Gate Security Guard. We are compliant with the local fire laws.

We have 2 Emergency call buttons in your room, one near your bedside and the other in the bathroom. Pressing this will gear our Emergency Response team to reach you within the time standards set.

Let us assure you that there should be no reason for unhappiness. Alpha Family assures and always strives to make improvements to provide the best care to their residents. 

We take regular feedback and encourage you for your inputs to make Alpha, a better place for you and your loved one. 

Even after discussions and trials, if you still feel that the resident needs to opt-out of the Alpha Family, then it is requested to serve the notice period as per contract.

Unless otherwise stated, it is 90 days along with a difference in rates for a shorter stay.

All bills must be cleared before residents leave Alpha Elite Assisted Living Home otherwise it will be deducted from the security deposit.

Email: info.alphaeliteassistedliving@gmail.com 

Telephone: +91 63543 86893 

Website: www.alphaeliteassistedliving.com

Address: The Villa 79, Narayan Swaraj, Zod Road, Karamsad, Anand, Gujarat 388325

Alpha offers assisted living, dementia care, skilled nursing care, recovery & rehabilitation to elders in need of 24x7 care and assistance. 

Our care includes: 

  • An individualized care plan
  • Emergency medical response procedures
  • 24 x 7 attendant and personalized care; care and nursing staff on day & night shift
  • Medication management
  • Full ADL support (bathing, feeding, transferring, help with activities etc)
  • Home-cooked nutritious meals keeping individual restrictions/requirements in mind
  • Streamlined paperwork and reporting on each resident
  • Full housekeeping (including cleaning and laundry)
  • Daily activities including occupational therapy, music/ games and social events

Our homes are managed under the expertise of a trained professional team and all staff are trained in dementia care

We have care staff who are certified and then trained in-house. Each house is run by a live-in house manager who is also a senior nurse with administrative experience. Each home is well staffed with passionate, trained, and uniformed professionals. We have on-ground competent staff for housekeeping, laundry, kitchen, and security in all our homes. There is staffing round the clock, so all 

residents get 24X7 care apart from addressing emergencies. We believe in empowering people on the ground and all our caretakers are involved in creating care plans for our residents.

The activities are planned depending on each person’s abilities, current skill sets, past hobbies and present symptoms. There is a common activity calendar created in each home which has all the common daily activities as well as celebrations and festivities included in it. We also do personalized activities with

each resident to give them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. To give you an example, we engage residents in: 

  • Daily exercises and light stretching
  • Sensory and motor exercises
  • Music and dance sessions
  • Art and creative sessions
  • Simple games like tambola, quiz contests
  • Occupational therapy for dementia twice a week
  • Volunteer visit, visits by school children
  • Movie screenings
  • Group lunches and celebrations
  • Outings (Both group and individual)
  • Celebrating all festivals and occasions- we just need a reason to celebrate!
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