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Difficult Decisions

Moving parents into an older home is not (and never has been) an easy choice for children to make, especially in India where it is still frowned upon and goes against the norms of our culture. Moving a loved one into an assisted living facility is a difficult decision that can be emotionally taxing; in most houses, close family members are also engaged. 

At Alpha Elite Assisted Living Home, we are here to accompany you on this path and we are aware of your anguish. We will work carefully with you to comprehend your requirements and concerns so that we can give you the proper guidance and counseling. Even before your loved one is accepted into our home as an Alpha Elite Assisted Living Home resident, we will be your dependable support system at every turn. We will get to know your loved ones at every stage of their lives, attending to even their most basic needs, creating a personalized care plan for them based on the identified information, and learning more about the elderly’s likes and dislikes because nothing is too small for us.

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