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Food and Beverages

Key aspects of F&B at Alpha Elite Assisted Living Home. 

Individualized food programmes 

  • Calorie-counted, individualized diet regimens as part of person-centered treatment.
  • Meals that are tailored to the preferences and varied backgrounds of our residents.
  • Accommodating demands for specialty foods and drinks. 
  • Healthcare and food and drink 
  • A therapeutic diet is a nutrition plan that is determined by the resident’s medical needs.
  • Mood control via food.
  • feeding by enteral (PEG, Ryle’s).
  • Managing immunity using specialized foods and drinks.

Nutritional Therapy

Balanced nutrition is extremely important for a person’s overall physical, mental and emotional health. Practicing good nutrition habits allows a person to get the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to function at his or her best. Furthermore, healthy eating is an important part of a comprehensive strategy to prevent the development of serious medical health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, and some types of cancers. When paired with an effective exercise regimen, health-supportive eating greatly increases the likelihood that an individual will achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Having knowledge about nutrition and being able to make smart food choices can go a long way in helping a person achieve optimal health and to better manage the physiological health problems that may be associated with obesity, feelings of food addiction, and medical conditions.

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